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Saturday, February 21, 2015

About Valentine's

Received a bouquet of red roses from Teddy, YAYYYY~~. 
I know all bouquets look almost similar to one another.. 
but whenever I receive a bouquet, i get this fuzzy wuzzy feeling. 

okay maybe all girls feel the same way. #justsaying

What i got for Teddy.

A handmade card (a colourful rose for him), and something special from Marc Jacobs :)

its none other than the classic Marc By Marc Jacobs watch.
Its a TIME/DAY/DATE watch, with leather straps.
It comes with the watch buckle, which makes it easier to wear.

I kind of gotten this watch way before February. 
Probably the start of January, and one good thing about MBMJ watches are...
they do not carry too many pieces for a design.

Makes it more special.

and yup i know he likes it.
Because, we are both MBMJ lovers (: 

Hope you like this watch, Teddybb! 
Lots of love, Lynette

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