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Monday, February 16, 2015

A trip to Mandai Zoo.
I havent been to the zoo for years and am so glad that Teddy brought me there.

So, we are bringing back to basics.
Wont be posting a lot of pictures lest you get bored with pictures of animals. 
Images below are just little peeks here and there!

The Mandai Mart.. where a bottle of drink cost $3.50!!!

why so fierce?

 lets find the Elephant show!

and tadahhh, we are so intrigued by the elephants.. 
They respond to the Sinhalese language, the language of Sri Lankans.
Interesting right?

they even trained these elephants to walk on a log. 
and these elepants weigh tonnes so they really got to learn how to balance?
it must be a challenge especially when they have such huge foot/paws (?)

the Zookeeper feeding GumBear (Name of the elephant) watermelon !

there were other animals too, but i wont be sharing many pictures.
here are some below...

Baboon and his red butt cheeks ^^ 

This concluded our trip to the Zoo..

Off for Valentine's day dinner after that.
More of that, maybe in the next post? :)

till the next!

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